Tell us about yourself.


SK: I'm an easygoing, honest (I will tell you to your face, but in a really nice way) kind of lady.  Many of my clients ask me for my honest opinion on design, decor, style, event flow, etc.  It's important for me to be able to let you know "we may need to consider something else" or "don't change a thing -- it's perfect." 


Why Event Planning?


SK: At an early age, I was in an industry that felt like it was sucking the life out of me. I vowed (pun intended) never again to hold a job I was not passionate about.  Since no event is the same, event planning allows so much creative thought and new rewarding challenges.  I enjoy applying my planning and design skills to creating and successfully accomplishing each of my clients' visions. 


What’s your wedding and event planning background?


SK: I started work at Lane Community College in the Conference & Culinary Services Dept. (think event planning, yummy food and beverage, event space, etc.), about 15 years ago and fell in love with events, students, and the hospitality industry.  As I worked with and mentored students during that 15 year term, I simultaneously received my certificate in Festival & Events Management at the University of Oregon, started a Wedding & Event Planning business, and grew it into Eugene's premier planning business, Moxie Events & Design.  I may love mentoring and encouraging people to do what they love as much as I love planning events.  Should we have the pleasure of working together, you will likely witness a student guest at one of our meetings or I may be mentoring someone who's dream job it is to become a Wedding Planner. 


Tell us a a bit about you and your Eugene roots.


SK: I was born on the Oregon coast and raised in the beautiful Eugene area.  I escaped to Oahu, Hawaii for 2 years, then to San Francisco Bay area for 7 years.  I've traveled all over the world to over 35+ countries and love a great travel adventure.  As a "returning salmon" back to Eugene, I couldn't be happier and more thankful to live in our gorgeous state.  With the amazing culinary scene and outdoor adventure opportunities, it really is one of the loveliest areas in the world to live.  


What is a cause you are passionate about?


SK: I am passionate about many causes, but with regard to events, it would have to be educating other people/planners and supporting sustainable efforts.  Educating other planners: Some might say it's insane to train your competition, but it's a huge value of mine to empower others to accomplish their dream and become what they want in life.  Sustainable Efforts: I really like to green events the best I can given my clients values, budget, etc. 

How was Moxie Events formed?


SK: I grew my prior Wedding & Event planning business, Shelle' Weddings & Events into Eugene's premier Wedding & Event planning business.  In 2009, I was selected to be on a team of five individuals for the Group Study Exchange (GSE) program through Rotary International where I job shadowed other wedding and event planners in four different countries around the Eastern Caribbean.  I met Heidi Ellis who was on my team and was shadowing interior designers and architects.  Heidi and I really clicked on the trip and started talking about our businesses and work interests. Soon after our return home, Moxie Events was formed!  Heidi helped grow Moxie Events to what it is today and just a couple years ago decided to start a family.  Two adorable babies later, she decided it was time to dedicate more time to family and sold her Moxie shares.